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Mark Steinberg Mark L. Steinberg, Ph.D.

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As a psychotherapist with many years of experience, I have come to respect that the individuals who come to me for help are very well intentioned and want the best lives they can have, but are stymied in this pursuit by obstacles hard to identify and difficult to overcome despite their best efforts. Good intentions and the desire for a better life often seem no match for feelings, thoughts, and patterns of behavior that appear to have a life of their own. Through working with people with all kinds of problems and difficulties, I have come to know that their good intentions and their desire for a better life make it possible to overcome obstacles and long established difficulties, and to maximize the potential for positive change with the help of a committed psychotherapist.

As a psychotherapist trained in Inner Humanism, I offer a solid professional relationship that will respect and support your aspirations for a better life, and I will work hard to help you become the person you want to be. Guided by the unique insights of this new approach to treatment regarding both the source and persistence of our difficulties and the innate potential of human nature that makes change possible, I will offer you a relationship which will 1) help you identify and pursue opportunities for change and growth in important areas of your life, 2) help you overcome conflicts, feelings, and thoughts that interfere with success and happiness; and 3) help you stay the course when there is backsliding that comes in response to efforts to change.

While changing your life is not an easy task, the effort to improve it is the most important and meaningful endeavor you can ever undertake. It benefits you and all of the important people around you every day. You only have one life to live and if you are motivated to make the most of it, I would be honored to help you.

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